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  • By Anonymous 1016 Days Ago
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    Stegosaurus carving at 800 year old Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia
    This carving of what appears to be a Stegosaurus is located a courtyard or two in from the front entrance of Ta Prohm Temple (finished in 1191 A.D.). This is in the Angkor Wat area near Siem Reap.

    Since the fossils of dinosaurs were not found until the 1800s, this 800 year old carving seems to imply that the Stegosaurus still lived around that time. If true, this would totally contradict the theory of evolution which states that the dinosaurs went extinct 60 million years ago. Creationists believe man and dinosaur were both created in the first week of creation and co existed for some time, perhaps up to more recently than imagined . So it would easily be possible that people could have seen a live Stegosaurus and made this image as a result.

    Since the evolutionists could never accept this, they have put forth alternative theories about this carving - That it is a hedgehog or water buffalo in front of a bush, or is a chameleon, or that the ridges were added later on, or that the whole carving is recent, or that the King in 1191 A.D. had dinosaur fossils. These theories are possible but have good arguments against them.

    However it is true that the head of this creature is larger and with horns unlike the known Stegosaurus.

    Did a Stegosaurus or a dinosaur Stegosaurus like creature exist 800 years ago? We don't know, but it is an interesting possibility. Most tourists going through Ta Prohm did not notice the carving, and even when they did they did not seem to realize the interesting debate this thing is causing.
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Old Stone Carving - What does it look like to you
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Description: The Question I'll asking is, What are we to make of the carving of a Stegosaur (Stegosaur stenops) on an ancient Cambodian temple at Angkor Wat? Read full Story:
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