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13 May, 201313 May, 2013 0 comments HD Video HD Video

Recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity.

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17 March, 201317 March, 2013 0 comments HD Video HD Video

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed. Satan is working behind the scenes to set up a one world government and one world religion in preparation for the Antichrist.

He has also deceived modern evangelical Christians into believing that they will be removed from this earth before the great tribulation takes place. This doctrine, known as the pre-tribulation rapture, teaches that Christ may return at any moment, and that there will be no signs of his coming. As a result of this deception, most Christians are completely unprepared for what the Bible has warned us is coming.

In this hard-hitting documentary, film-maker Paul Wittenberger (What in the World are They Spraying? and The Great Culling), Pastor Steven L Anderson, Pastor Roger Jimenez, and creation scientist Kent Hovind, prove from the King James Bible that the rapture will take place AFTER THE TRIBULATION but before God pours out his wrath upon this earth. They also expose Satan's plans for a global government and new world order.

If you would like to purchase a copy please go here: http://afterthetribulation.bigcartel....

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8 March, 20138 March, 2013 0 comments HD Video HD Video
this blog only for friends
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4 March, 20134 March, 2013 0 comments HD Video HD Video

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers.

The reality is often not what we think it is.



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4 November, 20124 November, 2012 0 comments HD Video HD Video

Pure Magiv Video. Cyber magic tricks augmented realaty and cards. The suits, numbers and colors in a deck of cards correspond to the seasons, moon cycles and calendar.

Marco Tempest - The Virtual Magician explores the boundaries between technology and magic.

New York ยท

Marco Tempest straps on augmented reality goggles and does a card trick like you've never seen before, weaving a lyrical tale as he deals. (This version fixes a glitch in the original performance, but is otherwise exactly as seen live by the TEDGlobal audience, including the dazzling augmented reality effects.)



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5 April, 20125 April, 2012 1 comments HD Video HD Video

President Barack Obama says the Easter story of Christ's agony and resurrection has helped him get through the tough moments of an embattled presidency. The president got 'Amens' from religious leaders at a White House prayer breakfast. (April 4)

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18 March, 201218 March, 2012 0 comments HD Video HD Video

Newt Gingrich Impeach judges - Crush and Replace the Left - 2012 Victory or Death!

I sincerely hope you will think about what Newt says in this video. Here is a fellow who - with all his flaws - is still a great thinker about conservative values in a day when image usually counts for more than substance. Renewing America: The Gingrich Agenda


Newt has laid out a very specific agenda for restoring America. Moreover, he has the practical experience and knowledge to implement it, and the vision to campaign in the general election with an eye towards getting the needed majorities in Congress. For the youth or for those with a short memory you can go here to read about Newt’s Credentials.

Because now is when record matters. Not just the record of votes, which is often a meaningless toll of positions taken for political purposes on bills that were always going to pass anyway or were never going to pass, but a record of ‘actions taken’ that actually mattered. A record of actions that actually matter.

No candidate in the race can match Gingrich’s career advocating and achieving national conservative reforms in government. He gave us the three most important victories of the 90’s Welfare Reform, Balanced Budget and Reduced Taxes. And, he gave us the first Republican majority in 40 years, the Contract with America and completed 2/3rds of his agenda while in office. Lets also not forget 4.2%.

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29 February, 201229 February, 2012 0 comments HD Video HD Video

Samaritan is a drama about a teenage boy who watches his father and youth leader pass by a hurt man, only to see the man helped by someone he didn't expect to help him. Based on Luke 10:25-37

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13 February, 201213 February, 2012 0 comments HD Video HD Video

The Lightbulb Conspiracy: The Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence is a documentary about how our economic system based on consumerism is really breaking our planet down.


It uses investigative research and rare archive footage to trace the untold story of Planned Obsolescence, from its beginnings in the 1920s with a secret cartel, set up expressly to limit the life span of light bulbs, to present-day stories involving cutting edge electronics (such as the iPod) and the growing spirit of resistance amongst ordinary consumers.

Planned Obsolescence is the deliberate shortening of product life spans to guarantee consumer demand. As a magazine for advertisers succinctly puts it: “The article that refuses to wear out is a tragedy of business “ – and a tragedy for the modern growth society which relies on an ever-accelerating cycle of production, consumption and throwing away.

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11 February, 201211 February, 2012 0 comments HD Video HD Video

APOLLO 11: THE UNTOLD STORY aka FIRST ON THE MOON: THE UNTOLD STORY One-Hour Special for Discovery Science Channel / five When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon in July 1969, Apollo 11 was hailed as the supreme triumph of American technology. But behind the flag waving lies a very different story: the untold account of how close the mission came to disaster. Now, nearly forty years later, men on that mission reveal what really happened on the first voyage to the moon. It's a tale of how primitive computer technology, coupled with human errors and mechanical failures, nearly caused the tragic loss of the crew.

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